Krakow Tours and much more

Tour No. 1
24 €
Auschwitz - Birkenau Tour
Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest concentration camp established by the Nazi regime and it has now become the symbol of Holocaust.
Tour No. 2
24 €
Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
Discover the beauty of the underground world with its corridors, chambers and chapels curved in salt.
Tour No. 3
47 €
Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
We have special offer for you. Visit both Auschwitz - Birkenau camp and Salt Mine in one day with no compromise on your itinerary.
Tour No. 4
57 €
Zakopane Tour
Your extraordinary mountain experience starts here!
Discover splendid natural scenery and a rich folk culture.

Tour No. 5
47 €
Auschwitz Birkenau, Wadowice, Kalwaria and Lagiewniki Tour
Running out of time? Want to see so many interesting places? We have solution!

Tour No. 6
49 €
Częstochowa Tour
The monastery of Jasna Gora with the miraculous 'Black Madonna', a Gothic painting of Our Lady.
Tour No. 7
57 €
Częstochowa the Black Madonna, Pieskowa Skała and Ojców Tour
Our tour takes you to the place which receives around 5 million visitors a year.
Tour No. 8
25 €
Ojców National Park and Pieskowa Skała Tour
The untouched living nature will take your breath away.
Tour No. 9
41 €
Wadowice, Kalwaria and Lagiewniki Tour
'And if there is something I want to make you eager to do, is that you do not stop visiting this sanctuary'. John Paul II; Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.
Tour No. 10
27 €
Wieliczka Salt Mine and Nowa Huta Tour
Discover the beauty of the underground salt world and intellectual absurd of communism.
Tour No. 11
21 €
Nowa Huta Tour
You want to see a completly different place? Come to Nowa Huta, the socialist part of Krakow.
Tour No. 12
16 €
Royal City Tour
What makes this place so special?  Maybe more than 1000 years of history, amazing romanesque nad gothic churches, renaissance royal palace and beautiful baroque architecture?
Tour No. 13
93 €
Warsaw Tour
Seen it all in Krakow? Join our Warsaw excursion and admire capitol of Poland - combination of communism heritage and modern architecture.
Tour No. 14
50 €
Tyskie Brewing Museum Tour
A pint of cold fresh beer straight from the brewery- you deserve it!
Tour No. 15
47 €
Dunajec River Rafting and Niedzica Castle Tour
Enjoy unforgettable trip down a mountain river on the traditional wooden boats.
Tour No. 16
26 €
Crazy Nowa Huta Tour
Comrades, Citizens !!! Time is pressing. We have to begin our joint expedition in memory of the builders by putting our foot the paving sprinkled with their sweat !!!
Tour No. 17
15 €
Electric Car Tour
Walking tour is too exhausting or you are simply running out of time. Try our electric car sightseeing – solution for you!

Why Cracow?

Without doubt Cracow is "a must" while visiting Poland.

Krakow tours can even take days, because there are so many unique things to see, so many historic places to visit, so many traditional, delicious polish dishes to taste.

Cracow is the cultural capital of Poland. Many well known polish artists (painters, writers etc) live in Krakow.


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from 24 €
Auschwitz - Birkenau Tour
from 24 €
Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
from 57 €
Zakopane Tour
from 41 €
Wadowice, Kalwaria and Lagiewniki Tour